Solve Tooth Pain Before It Is An Emergency

Solve Tooth Pain Before It Is An Emergency

Why Waiting For It To Go Away Is A Huge Mistake

At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge we care about our patients' wellbeing in our office in Cambridge and during their lives between visits. We are a family dentist in Cambridge and see many patients in our Cambridge clinic who waited as long as possible to deal with tooth pain. By the time they arrive at Cambridge dental center, the pain has gone from manageable to completely unbearable. We would like to convince you that dealing with the pain earlier at the first signs of pain is the best approach for your health and happiness.

Waiting is Easy Until it is Not...

Tooth pain is something patients often do their best to ignore or hope will go away. This is a huge mistake. Pain is an indicator for our bodies. It is a warning. With our dental health, it can mean a number of different things and should be checked right away.

Unaddressed tooth pain can often progress to an emergency depending on its cause. If pain goes away temporarily, that is not always a good thing. Receding gums can expose nerves. Nerves can become temporarily deadened, but then the pain will come back worse as the issue progresses. Damage to a tooth might start off as small pain that you might learn to tolerate, but once that damage becomes severe, so can the pain.

Emergencies are More Expensive...

Dealing with a problem earlier is always less expensive than addressing an emergency.

Contact us at Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge to see how we can help with all your dental needs.

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