Restorative Dentistry Basics

Restorative Dentistry Basics

Restorative dentistry refers to dental procedures that are used to fix broken, missing or discolored teeth. This includes dental services like veneers, dental porcelain, dentures and Invisalign invisible braces. When you need restorative dentistry done for you or your family, contact Fresh Pond Dental for a consultation.
Restorative dentistry is one of those terms you hear flung around from dental website to dental website and in various dental care offices.

However, what is restorative dentistry? 

In Fresh Pond Dental’s Cambridge dental office, we define restorative dentistry as far more than a simple process to help alleviate a patient’s tooth or jaw pain. Restorative dentistry involves four steps:

  1. Consultations - Assessing the damage to teeth caused by periodontal or other oral diseases.
  2. Dental Care Management - Managing the diseases through recommendations for good oral hygiene and cleanings to prevent further damage to the patient’s teeth.
  3. Oral Surgery - Correcting the damage caused by oral disease such as gum and periodontal disease so they are returned to working order.
  4. Cosmetic Conditioning - Rejuvenating the patient’s teeth to a pleasing condition and appearance. 

Family Dental Care

Restorative dentistry is necessary has procedures available for all ages. By maintaining good oral care, you can prevent the onset of oral diseases and conditions that can be painful or cause teeth to crack or fall out at Fresh Pond Dental, we believe that people should be able to focus on school, work, relationships, and their social life instead of worrying about tooth pain or the appearance of their teeth. If you or a family member needs a checkup, cleaning or restorative procedure with our oral hygienist, then the family dentistry professionals in our Cambridge dental office can help.

At Fresh Pond Dental, our patients’ dental health is our greatest concern. To find out about restorative dentistry and receive a personal consultation, contact our Cambridge dental office.

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