Mouth Guards, Sports Guards, Night Guards - Why Are They Used?

Mouth Guards, Sports Guards, Night Guards - Why Are They Used?

Mouth guards are also referred to as sports guards or night guards. These are designed and recommended for a special bracket of people, who are exposed to high risk of getting their teeth damaged by habitual and inadvertent grinding of teeth either during day time or at night while sleeping, bite obstructions and/or effect of accidental impact during certain types of sports. To have one made specifically for your teeth, contact our Cambridge dentist office today. 

Bruxism Or Teeth Grinding
Teeth grinding is a condition whereby the patient grinds his teeth at night involuntarily. The clenching of the jaws and grinding of teeth cause the enamel to wear out over time. Teeth with thinned down enamel are prone to tooth decay, breakage and discoloration. Using mouth guards helps prevent tooth grinding and thereby also protect the teeth from any damage. 

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain 
The contraction of jaw muscles while grinding teeth often develops into TMJ pain, which gradually spreads to the teeth causing toothache, and then acute headaches. When the pain is significantly high, you could even experience ringing in the ears, which can be extremely unnerving. TMJ can be easily prevented by wearing an appropriate mouth guard or night guard.

Sports Bite Guards
Most of the high contact sports put players at high risk of injury. Games such as soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball, baseball, and football are only a few examples. These games can result in ugly and very painful accidents with broken teeth and serious injuries – which can be easily prevented by wearing appropriate sports bite guards. 
The mouth guards designed for sports are made of special material that besides protecting the teeth from harm, it also absorbs the force of the blow to the brain and facial bones. 

Customized Mouth Guards Are Best for Your oral Health
Standard night guards are available at any pharmacy and sports stores as well. When there is no choice, this standard protection gear would definitely be better than nothing. However, if you can get them customized to your needs the protection and comfort these mouth guards offer can be almost perfect.

To give optimal protection, you need to use mouth guards that fit perfectly with your mouth and teeth. While occasional use of the over-the-counter variety would not be harmful, regular use would definitely contribute more to damaging the teeth rather than protecting. To ensure best protection, the mouth guard needs to be snugly fitting. When it is not, the mouth guard itself would put harmful pressure on the teeth, result in damage over a period of time. 

Contact Fresh Pond Dental of Cambridge today to schedule an appointment for mouth guards.

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