How Dentistry Has Improved in the Past 10 Years

How Dentistry Has Improved in the Past 10 Years


When it comes to unique, quality, pain-free dental care, time is on your side. In the past ten years many advancements in dental technology have given dentists solutions to many traditional oral health problems. In the past it may have taken several trips to the dentist and to other dental specialists for procedures to be complete. Today it’s possible to complete certain procedures during one appointment and with only one dentist or dental specialist.

Your dentist in Cambridge utilizes new technology to make your dental experience more comfortable. Some of the new technologies you may experience during you next visit may include;

Laser Dentistry

Lasers allow us to take a less invasive approach in dental care. We use laser dentistry for crown lengthening, removing decay, fillings and other situations. Laser treatments result in a short and pain-free healing period.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a service we offer at Fresh Pond Dental. It’s a safe and effective method for our patients who avoid having dental work done due to anxiety.

Dental Implants

A huge advancement in dentistry is related to dental implants. In the past a patient may have had to wait six months after a tooth extraction to receive the crown the attaches to the implant. Today this can be done immediately.

Digital X-rays

Using digital x-rays is safe as it doesn’t expose our patients to radiation. These x-rays allow us to view the images on a computer screen which means issues with the mouth, teeth and jaw can be fixed more accurately.

Composite Resins

Back in the day gold or amalgam was used for fillings or other dental solutions. Todays advanced technology gives us composite resins. This material is used for bonding and veneers. The color and function of this material better replicates natural teeth.

Digital Photography

This technology can show people what will look like after a complex dental procedure. Digital Photography allows patients to comment and work with their dentist on how they want their teeth to look when the work is completed.

The Future

In the past ten years the technology used in dentistry has changed dramatically. This is an exciting time for the dental industry as each year there are advancements in the field. These changes make it easier than ever to obtain optimal oral health. The end goal is always effective and pain-free dentistry for patients. The future looks bright!

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