Cancer Awareness And Your Dental Health

Cancer Awareness And Your Dental Health

Cancer is a word no one wants to hear when it comes to health or oral wellness. Cancer is the growth of uncontrolled, abnormal cells in the body. Oral cancer can occur in the sinuses, in the throat, in the mouth on the hard or soft palate, on the lips, tongue or cheeks.  Symptoms of oral cancer can include; red or white patches in the mouth, swelling, lumps, rough spots or crusty areas on the lips or gums. Unexplained bleeding, numbness and sores on the neck, face or mouth that do not heal, ear pain, chronic sore throats or issues with chewing or swallowing. Any notable problem should be evaluated immediately by the professionals at Fresh Pond Dental. 

Are You At Risk For Oral Cancer?

The American Cancer Society, reports that 48,330 people were diagnosed with oral cancer in 2016 and men are twice as likely to get oral cancer as women. See your dental office in Cambridge to be screened for oral cancer. Early diagnoses of oral cancer at your general dentistry office can result in treatment that occurs before the cancer has a chance to spread. 

Certain risk factors can increase the likelihood that a person will develop oral cancer. 

  • Smoking
  • Smokless tobacco
  • Alchohol 
  • Family history of cancer
  • Excessive sun exposure

Oral Cancer Screening Exam

Oral cancer is diagnosed as part of a routine dental exam by your dentist in Cambridge. The dentist will check for tissue changes, lumps or discolored tissue. The dentist may perform tests such as an oral brush biopsy if he see’s anything out of the ordinary. During this test a small sample will be taken of the suspicious tissue and it will be analyzed for cells that are abnormal. If the tissue looks very odd or different the dentist may do a scalpel biopsy. This test requires a local anesthesia. Both tests are required to detect oral cancer. The sooner the tests are completed the sooner treatment can begin if cancer is detected. 

Treatment For Oral Cancer

The treatment for oral cancer is typically; 

  • Surgery, removal of the cancer
  • Radiation or 
  • Chemotherapy
  • Drug Treatments

Other treatments include therapies to assist with chewing, swallowing, speech and movement. 

At Fresh Pond Dental, we offer the services you need for a lifetime of oral health. From Cosmetic Dentistry in Cambridge to screening for oral cancer, we have you covered. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 



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