A Dental Hygienists Work Never Ends

A Dental Hygienists Work Never Ends

A lot goes on behind the scenes at our dental office in Cambridge, MA. It may be the dentists that take center stage but the show couldn’t possibly go on without our exceptional staff of dental hygienists. In addition to making patients feel comfortable they also do numerous tasks that benefit both the patients and the dentists. 

A dental hygienist is a trained professional. Most schools require at least a two years of study for a degree in the dental hygiene field. Some of the courses they study are: pharmacology, periodontology, nutrition and oral anatomy and chemistry. Dental hygienists are flexible and have a wide range of responsibilities at the dental office

Teeth Cleaners
A dental hygienist cleans teeth by removing soft and hard deposits, tarter, stains and plaque. They examine the gums and teeth. They use various tools such as ultrasonic devices or hand and rotary instruments to complete these tasks. They use x-ray machines to take pictures of a patients teeth and make cast models so the dentist can better evaluate the patient’s dental needs. Sometimes hygienist work by the dentist’s side and assist as he does dental procedures. Your dentist in Cambridge understands the importance of having exceptional dental hygienists on staff. 

One of the most important jobs a dental hygienist does at the dental center in Cambridge, MA, is teaching patients the importance of maintaining optimal oral health. They explain the impacts of nutrition and the effects it can have on teeth. They explain proper brushing and flossing techniques and they can also apply agents such as sealants, fluoride or preventative products to deter cavities. They assess oral health conditions, review patient histories, do dental charting, and take blood pressures and pulses. They are available to answer any questions a patient may have. 

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