Wisdom Tooth Extraction in 4 Easy Steps

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in 4 Easy Steps

People often wonder what is involved in wisdom teeth extraction. They tend to fear the procedure because they don’t know what to expect. However, knowing the process can make wisdom tooth removal easier to deal with. On behalf of Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge, here is some useful knowledge to help alleviate your fears.

Prior to Surgery

If you are at high risk for complications or are having more than one wisdom tooth pulled at once, it is likely your dentist will elect to do the extraction procedure in the hospital. Don’t be alarmed by this. It is simply a precautionary step. In addition, most dentists will recommend you refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before a procedure due to the anesthetics being used. Follow these directions.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery

There are really only 4 steps to wisdom tooth extractions.

  1. Your dentist in Cambridge will apply a local anesthetic to numb the region around the tooth to be removed. In addition, you may be given general anesthetic to ensure your body remains numb through the procedure. Do not be surprised if this puts you to sleep. 
  2. The first step of the procedure is to cut open the gum tissue covering the tooth. There may also be bone still covering the tooth that must be removed. 
  3. Once the wisdom tooth has been exposed, your dentist will begin to remove the tooth, severing the tissue connecting the tooth to your jaw bone. Sometimes, a dentist will break or cut the tooth into smaller pieces to make removal easier. 
  4. Once the tooth has been removed, you will need stitches. There are two types of stitches traditionally used in wisdom tooth extractions. The first dissolves over time, while the other requires removal after a few days to a week. Your dentist will let you know the next steps in your case. Folded gauze pads will be applied to the extraction point in order to stop the bleeding.


After your wisdom teeth have been removed, your dentist will probably prescribe painkillers to be taken each day. The recovery process should not take longer than a few days to a week unless you develop dry socket, in which case other steps or preventative measures may need to be taken. Speak with your dentist about this if pain persists longer than a week.

The dentistry professionals in our Cambridge dental office would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Feel free to call or stop by Fresh Pond Dental for a visit.

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