Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Patients who are facing the possibility of a wisdom tooth extraction now have a reason to cheer medical science!

PRP Therapy has provided your dentist with a fantastic new tool to help your extraction heal faster and more completely. Plasma Rich Platelet therapy is a groundbreaking process adopted in our Cambridge dental clinic that helps our patients recover quickly after tooth extractions.

Tooth extraction in Cambridge Dental Center

We are happy to note that this new procedure definitely aids in healing subsequent to teeth extractions

Recent studies have revealed that PRP therapy gives an enormous boost to your body’s own natural healing response to any kind of soft tissue injury. When scheduling wisdom teeth extractions for patients at our dental office in Cambridge, we will also schedule you for PRP therapy. Upon completion of your tooth removal, large, concentrated amounts of your own blood platelet cells will be injected into the extraction site, where your body is already delivering a smaller amount of platelets.

This will enhance the healing process by initiating cell growth and stimulating stem cell repair so that the area will heal faster.

We are happy to note that this new procedure definitely aids in healing subsequent to teeth extractions, helping the site with tissue repair and bone formation that will allow for the use of tooth implants and dental prosthetics.

Sometimes the need for tooth removal can be circumvented with proper hygiene and routine dental care. It is important to maintain your dental health with regular checkups in our Cambridge dental office conveniently located in Fresh Pond Mall at 180 Alewife Brook Parkway.

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