The Truth about Dental Fillings

The Truth about Dental Fillings

They say knowledge is power so being fully informed about a dental procedure or process is the best thing you can do. If it’s composite fillings you’re wondering about, your dentist in Cambridge has the answers. 

The Process

Prior to the installation of a composite filling, a patients tooth will first be cleaned and all decay will be removed. The enamel of the tooth and dentin will be conditioned and a thin resin will then be applied. This resin will bond to the readied surface and it will typically harden in less than one minute with the help of a specialized light. Your Cambridge dentist is experienced in the area of fillings and will ensure that you receive the type of filling that is best for your situation. 

The filling no one will notice. 

Composite resin fillings are popular today at your dental center in Cambridge, MA, because they are natural-looking which makes them virtually unnoticeable. People choose composite fillings over other types of fillings because they are affordable and durable. Silver or amalgam fillings were once the material of choice for fillings but over time the fillings would often turn black. Healthy tooth structure also had to be removed in order to install them. Unlike silver fillings, composite fillings are non-toxic because they contain no mercury. They also are stronger and bond better to the surface of the tooth which protects the tooth from fracturing. 

Wise Choices 

There are a variety of materials available today for fillings; porcelain, silver, gold, plastic or composite resin. Your dentist will help determine the best choices for your dental situation. Your insurance company should also be contacted to ensure they cover the type of filling material you plan on getting. 

Make the call

Now that you know about composite fillings, your dental office in Cambridge, MA, is ready to take your smile to the next level.
Call us today! 

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