The Orthodontist Does More than Braces

The Orthodontist Does More than Braces

A dental specialist whose main function is to correct or prevent misaligned teeth and jaws is called an orthodontist. Issues within the teeth and jaw area can cause sleep apnea, breathing problems, snoring and they can affect chewing and speaking abilities. Your dental center in Cambridge, MA, has an orthodontist on staff so we can cover all of your dental needs. 

Dental problems that run in the family is a common reason that many patients seek the help of an orthodontist. Overcrowding of teeth, tooth decay and injuries resulting in damage to the structure of the mouth are other reasons. Your dentist in Cambridge can assure that you will receive treatment from the finest, most educated, professional orthodontists in the area. 

Do you need an orthodontist?
Your affordable dental center in Cambridge, MA, can determine if you need to see an orthodontist with x-rays or by checking the alignment of your teeth. Children should also been seen by an orthodontist around the age of seven if crooked teeth or jaw irregularities run in the family. By examining the child’s mouth before all of the permanent teeth are in, irregularities can be avoided and corrections can be made earlier. 

Our orthodontists are licensed members of the American Association of Orthodontists and they have completed 2-3 years training beyond the 4 four years of dental school. They are up to speed on technological advances in the dental industry and they continue to learn and train. This means you are in good hands when you see one of our orthodontists. 

Plan of action
An orthodontist will inspect the results of initial x-rays and results of teeth alignments and they will diagnose and come up with a specialized plan of action to correct any irregularities. Corrections are sometimes made with braces, retainers or spacers. Your orthodontist can fix irregularities and can give you a straight, even smile. 

Orthodontists ‘R’ Us! 
Your Cambridge dentist office is at your service!
Call us today and let us schedule you to see one of our friendly orthodontist’s. 

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