Taking the Fear Out of Dental Care

Taking the Fear Out of Dental Care

Your dentist in Cambridge is always happy to see you but are you always happy to see him? Don’t be embarrassed, you are not alone. Many people suffer from dental anxiety. But you can’t just write it off and avoid the dentist or it will eventually affect your overall health. Infection can travel from your mouth to other areas of your body while heart disease or diabetes can get worse. At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge, we will help you conquer your dental fears.  

Sometimes it’s helpful to try to find the cause of the anxiety. Some of the causes can include: 

  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of anesthetic side effects
  • Fear of injection failures
  • Fear of loss of control 
  • Fear of loss of personal space 

Sedation Dentistry

At Fresh Pond Dental Center in Cambridge, they have experience in dealing with dental anxiety. They understand the nausea, dizziness, feeling of helplessness and loss of control. One solution for dental anxiety is sedation dentistry. This type of dentistry makes patients feel relaxed and it’s ideal for those with dental anxiety. Imagine being in a sleep-like state while having dental procedures completed and then remembering very little if anything about the procedure. Your local dentist in Cambridge offers sedation dentistry. Let us help alleviate your dental fears. 

Start Them Early!

Taking your children to dental appointments early on can help them grow up with no fears of the dentist. At Fresh Pond family dentistry Cambridge, we cater to families. Bring in your children for regular check-ups and cleanings so they will understand that the Fresh Pond clinic in Cambridge is a safe place where they can get a healthy mouth. Remember us for all of your dental needs. From cosmetic dentistry in Cambridge to sedation dentistry, we have the services you need at the prices you can afford. 

Sedation dentistry is a term that refers to the use of anesthesia during treatment to put patients into a relaxed state, almost like sleep. Sedation dentistry is often used during procedures that require an extensive amount of time in the treatment chair, and sedation is ideal for patients who exhibit dental phobia or have difficulty controlling their movements. While sedation dentistry implies that patients are unconscious, this is usually not the case. Some forms of sedation dentistry simply alleviate anxiety or put patients in a sleep-like state, so that little is felt or remembered from the dentistry procedure.

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