Quality Prosthodontic Dental Care in Cambridge

Quality Prosthodontic Dental Care in Cambridge

Prosthodontics is the process of diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating patients’ mouths when gums and teeth have become damaged or are missing. Treatments can be intensive, sometimes involving sedation and surgery. For the best prosthodontics treatment in the Cambridge area, trust your dental health to the dentistry professionals at Fresh Pond Dental.

Prosthodontic Concerns

In oral-care emergencies, there is no time to search for the best dentist for you or a family member. Our Cambridge dental office is an all-in-one clinic with dentistry professionals trained in a variety of prosthetic dental treatments and rehabilitation techniques. Whether you or a family member suffers from congenital defects of the mouth, oral cancer, has endured oral trauma, or must undergo reconstructive dental surgery, the professionals at our Fresh Pond Mall location would be happy to help. The prosthodontic specialists are adept at developing properly conformed dentures, applying veneers, and working to make your smile bright and straight using dental implants or bridges.

Prosthodontic Rehabilitation

In addition, the experienced dental staff will work with you after surgery to ensure proper oral hygiene and routine checkups are scheduled. Maintaining your teeth post-surgery and using proper rehabilitation procedures is not an afterthought. The patient’s oral health and happiness is a primary focus. Checkups and cleanings are an important part of teeth care. In addition, your dentist will provide guidelines for routine cleaning, oral hygiene steps, and daily recommendations to enable your mouth to heal and reduce any pain you might be enduring. Patients should not have to suffer from tooth, jaw, or gum pain, and your dentist will work to ensure you are taken care of and can get back to more important things.

At Fresh Pond Dental, not only can you rest assured that your family dentistry concerns and routine oral-care needs are met, but the friendly staff strives to make sure you and your family always walk out with a smile.

When you step out our door, you are not just a patient but a member of the Fresh Pond Dentistry family.

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