Propel® Orthodontics

Propel® Orthodontics

At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge we are happy to announce that we will be implementing a new procedure for our orthodontics patients. It’s called Propel® Orthodontics, and it will cut orthodontic treatment time nearly in half! Imagine having braces or Invisalign for only half the time. This new technology accelerates tooth movement by progressing the healing of the bone and gum tissue. It provides a faster more effective procedure for our patients. 

How can I benefit from Propel® Orthodontics at Fresh Pond Dental?

  1. The process is virtually painless.
  2. Recovery time is minimal. 
  3. The process is micro-invasive.
  4. The orthodontic process is expedited more than 50%. 
  5. Teeth shift faster and tissues heal faster than with other methods. 
  6. Fewer dental visits.

Using a device called Mirco-osteoperforation, the Orthodontists at Fresh Pond Dental can straighten your teeth faster than with just Invisalign or braces alone. This treatment can be successful for any age. A procedure called Alveocentesis™ stimulates the production of bone in both the upper and lower jaw to shift teeth into alignment. This allows the bone that holds the teeth into place to adjust to the shifting teeth. 

We are honored and so lucky to have Orthodontist Dr. Frank Schiano, working with us at Fresh Pond Dental. He took part in developing the Propel® Orthodontic Treatment! 

At Fresh Pond Dental we provide only the best orthodontic treatments for our patients. This new technology in dentistry in Cambridge is exciting as it allows most patients to get finished with their orthodontic treatments in less than one year. This is a true break-through in the world of dentistry and we are happy to offer this service to our patients.

If you would like to speed up your current orthodontic treatment, call us today and ask about Propel®. 

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