Dentists that specialize in endodontic care are highly skilled professionals in the dental industry.

They deal mainly with the root canal system, the area inside of the tooth. When a tooth becomes cracked or infected it can become very painful since the pulp is connective tissue that contains blood vessels, nerves and cells. An endodontist removes the pulp from the inside of the tooth, cleans the root canal area and seals the tooth. This procedure is called a root canal. At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge, you can depend on our dental practice for optimum endodontic care.

If you have cracked teeth, experience pain when you are chewing or have sensitivity to hot and cold food or liquids, you may be in need of endodontic care. At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge we will provide you with a comprehensive exam before any diagnosis is received. Our compassionate, friendly dentists will assist with all of your oral hygiene needs, from basic exams to detailed cosmetic work; our patients are always our number one priority.

In the past root canals were painful experiences that often took multiple appointments to complete. Technology has given great advances to endodontic care and today root canals are much less painful.

At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge we provide the dental services you need in a safe and clean, tranquil environment.
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