Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Cambridge (Invisalign)

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Cambridge (Invisalign)

Orthodontic treatment is not merely for improving the look of your teeth or your smile. Misaligned teeth affect a number of things including chewing habits, oral care, speech and your smile. There is more wear to the enamel on misaligned teeth which can lead to bone loss and tooth decay. Proper oral care is compromised when your teeth are misaligned. Knowing when to seek orthodontic treatment will not only enhance your smile, but it also reduces health problems.

When Should Children Have an Orthodontic Exam?

Knowing the recommendations for orthodontic exams for children helps parents determine when orthodontic treatment for potential problems should begin. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should have their first orthodontic exam by the age of seven. The purpose of this exam is to merely examine and measure the condition of your child’s teeth. This gives the orthodontist a chance to detect problems early and recommend corrective procedures arises. 

What Are Some Warning Signs To Watch for in Children?

Early orthodontic treatment can be especially helpful if your child exhibits any of the warning signs shown to contribute to misalignment of teeth. Loosing baby teeth late or early affects the surrounding bone supporting growing adult teeth. Children that suck their thumb late, such as three years old and after, could experience alignment problems as well. Other signs that warrant a trip to the orthodontist include breathing through the mouth, chewing problems, problems biting or avoiding foods that need to be bitten, crowded teeth, and a shifting jaw or a popping sound when the jaw is opened. If your child exhibits any of these signs you should schedule an appointment with an orthodontist, or your child’s dentist if a referral is needed. 

When Should Adults Consider Orthodontic Treatment?

Just because you are not a child does not mean it is too late for orthodontic treatment. As long as your teeth are healthy they can be moved to correct problems and give you a healthy beautiful smile. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, adults make up roughly 20 percent of today’s patients receiving orthodontic treatment. If you notice crowded teeth in your mouth or teeth protruding in different directions you too could benefit from orthodontic treatment. A popping sound from your jaw when you open your mouth or a shifting jaw can also be corrected with proper orthodontic treatment, even in the adult years. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean and floss reducing tooth decay and plaque which causes tooth loss. As an adult oral problems will continue to worsen without proper treatment. Even if orthodontic treatment was put off as a child, the benefits of receiving treatment as an adult will ward off more expensive treatment procedures later in life. 

Invisalign uses custom designed aligners to straighten misaligned teeth. The aligner trays are made specifically for the individual, and they are made of an almost invisible plastic that is comfortable to wear. The aligners gradually shift your teeth into place, without the use of metal and wires. About every two weeks there will be a new set of aligners to use, until your teeth are positioned where your dentist or orthodontist has planned. Unlike the old fashioned way, Invisalign is smile worthy and you don’t have to worry about being called a metal mouth.

You can get your teeth straightened with Invisalign here at Fresh Pond Dental.

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