After you have received your Dentures/Partials

After you have received your Dentures/Partials

After you receive your dentures and/or partials from your dentist in Cambridge, it may take several weeks to get used to their new fit. You may notice an altered speech, which may require you to adapt to it by alternating your mouth/lips.  


Do not expect your dentures and/or partials to have perfect fit and retention immediately. The swelling and shrinkage of the tissues for the first 2 weeks may cause some discomfort. We recommend using a denture adhesive to aid in keeping your dentures in place after 7-10 days. 

Things to Do

Wear your dentures as long as possible for the first few days. Eat soft food and take small bites. Unlike natural teeth, dentures do not have the same efficiency when chewing. After several days if you feel like your bite is still uneven, an adjustment can be made during a follow-up visit. Proper cleaning of your dentures is important. Without cleaning, stains and bacterial will accumulate on your appliance. As well, as isolated sore spots may develop in areas of the mouth. Please follow directions for your specific appliance. 

It is important to allow gum tissues and jaw bones to rest. This will decrease the odds of tissue irritation, infection and bone shrinkage. Do not wear complete or partial dentures to bed. 

If all is followed, the healing time should be pain-free and a successful surgery can be guaranteed.  

If you have any complications that you feel are not normal feel free to call Fresh Pond Dentistry in Cambridge.

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