Dental Crown Lengthening - The Story Behind A Beautiful Smile

Dental Crown Lengthening - The Story Behind A Beautiful Smile

Most people are unhappy about the way they look. For those who do not like the size of their teeth because the gums cover too much of the surface, dental crown lengthening provides a way out. At Fresh Pond Dental we offer this service.

What Is Dental Crown Lengthening?

This is an oral surgical procedure that makes the teeth look longer to improve the person’s smile, which involves removing a portion of the gum covering the teeth and sometimes part of bone from the upper teeth as well. This is a very popular and common procedure, which is performed almost routinely by gum specialists, dentists and periodontists. 

Walk in your nearest Cambridge dental clinic to inquire about the procedure and whether this is suitable for your condition. This procedure is recommended for people who have low or uneven gum line, decay or fracture of the teeth under the gum line. With dental crown lengthening the teeth can be made look longer with symmetric gum line drawn resulting is a dazzlingly beautiful smile. 

What Does this Procedure Involve?

The procedure is simple yet it produces stunning results. The gums are first numbed by administering local anesthesia, and the gums will be removed from the teeth with small incisions. Where the bone interferes with the aesthetics, small pieces will be removed from the upper part of the teeth to sculpt a symmetric, pleasant–to-the eye gum line. 

Your Cambridge periodontist will then wash the gums with sterile water, and stitch up. Post surgery a prescription for appropriate medication will be given to control pain and swelling. The periodontist will advise you to consume a liquid or semi-soft diet for a week or ten days until the gums are less painful. To heal entirely it might take up to 3 months, when veneers could be added to the teeth or any other procedure as advised by your periodontist to enjoy a perfect smile. 

What Are The Top Advantages of Dental Crown Lengthening?

There are many advantages that this oral surgical procedure offers:

  • Takes only about 30-60 minutes.
  • The procedure does not require touchups; it is required to be done only once. 
  • It is one of the easiest ways to get a beautiful smile with a symmetric, highly attractive gum line. 
  • Owing to the larger exposure of the teeth, decay is checked as they are easier to clean and floss. 

What Are the Top Disadvantages of Dental Crown Lengthening?

  • Among the top peeves against this procedure is that it is somehow pricey. 
  • It is also a surgical intervention, though very common and easy to perform by any experienced periodontist in Cambridge. It comes with the basic risk of developing complications during and post surgery. 

Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge offers this service to residents throughout Cambridge. 

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