Your dentist in Medford , MA (We are located in Cambridge MA)

Your dentist in Medford , MA (We are located in Cambridge MA)

For the best orthodontic, cosmetic, and restorative dental care in the Medford region, stop by Fresh Pond Dental.

As experts in cosmetic dentistry, restorative, and family dentistry, our certified staff of experienced dental professionals can assist with whatever oral health needs you may have. Medford residents have found their services to be affordable, convenient, and the atmosphere comfortable for adults, seniors, and children. With most major dental insurances and Mass Health Senior Care options accepted, people are scheduling appointments for everything from emergency care to standard checkups and cleanings.

As a trusted dental office, we strive to ensure that our Medford patients receive the attention and quality services they deserve. Our patients’ oral health is of primary importance. The Dental Cambridge office is open late and on weekends to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules.

Find the solution to bad breath at Fresh Pond Dental.

Halitosis, or bad breath, is one of the top concerns for people in the Medford area. It can be a death sentence on dates and can even give a bad impression when dealing with clients. However, halitosis is not something you have to live with.  

The first step to finding a solution to bad breath is determining the cause. The dentists at Fresh Pond Dental will help with this, so make an appointment for a consultation.

Common Causes of Bad Breath:

  • Gum disease – Cavities are caused by bacteria eating away at your teeth.
  • Oral infection – Tissue around your teeth can become tender and infected due to bacteria or food remnants.
  • Cracked fillings – If a filling is cracked, food and bacteria can hide where cleaning utensils cannot reach and begin eating away at the remaining tooth.
  • Medical conditions – A side effect of diabetes, acid reflux, and many stomach problems.
  • Food choices – Types of foods you eat, such as garlic, cabbage, onions, and some diets.
  • Digestion – As your body digests foods, nutrients are spread throughout, some elements even entering your lungs. 
  • Tobacco – Using cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes, and other tobacco products.
  • Bad oral hygiene – A proper daily routine of oral care includes brushing twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with fluoride-infused tooth-care products.
  • Medications – Some medications have side effects that will result in halitosis.

 The causes of halitosis can sometimes be changed on your own, such as changing to a healthy diet and maintaining good oral care. However, many times bad breath could be a symptom of a larger problem such as acid reflux, diabetes, or side effects of prescribed medications. For in-depth assistance with your bad breath, the dental experts at Fresh Pond Dental would be happy to offer a consultation.

Trust Fresh Pond Dental, the expert dentists Medford residents swear by.

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