Your dentist in Charlestown, MA (We are located in Cambridge MA)

Your dentist in Charlestown, MA (We are located in Cambridge MA)

Charlestown area residents have chosen Fresh Pond Dental’s all-in-one Cambridge office their trusted healthcare provider.

Just a short drive alongside the Charles River brings Charlestown residents to a premier dental clinic in Cambridge’s Fresh Pond Mall. Patients like to come to us because they can receive a multitude of dental services in one location.

Our expert staff are certified in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, periodontic, and endodontic dentistry. With knowledgeable, certified professionals in various fields, you can rely on our Cambridge dental office for your oral health care.

Families with children, single adults, and seniors from all over the Charlestown region trust Fresh Pond Dental with their oral-care needs, and you can too.

Seniors are finding a welcoming atmosphere and an unparalleled level of professional denture care in the Charlestown area.

Dentures are essential for many adults and seniors, but can often be quite expensive.  This is due to the unique characteristics of every person’s mouth and gums. If you are considering dentures, they will need to be designed specifically for you. Be sure to go to a dentist with experience and a proven track record. Then practice good home denture care, just as you would with normal teeth.

Home Denture Care

After you receive your dentures, there are steps to take that will keep your teeth strong and comfortable. Here are 4 basic steps to keep in mind:

  • Be safe – When dental cleaning your dentures, place a towel or bowl of water beneath them to ensure a safe landing if they fall.
  • Don’t overuse – Overuse can cause problems along your gums wich can even begin to chafe, bleed, or become infected. When dentures adjust, bend, or chip, they do not always remain stable. To avoid these problems, do not wear them while you sleep. Like your mind and body, your gums use this time to rest.
  • Rinse when not in use – Rinsing eliminates food residue. This should be done after you eat and while they are not being worn. Use water or an over-the-counter cleaning solution. It will also keep your dentures from drying out or becoming discolored.
  • Clean daily – With any good oral care regimen, your teeth must be cleaned. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and water to do this each day. Do not use toothpaste. Many toothpastes are too abrasive and can damage dentures.

Charlestown adults and seniors are regularly scheduling appointments for dentures, dental cleanings, and checkups with Fresh Pond Dental. Our staff of experts has proven to be qualified, trustworthy, and affordable.

Call or stop by Fresh Pond Dental to schedule a consultation at our Cambridge office.

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