Top Parenting Hacks for Raising Kids with Excellent Oral Habits

Top Parenting Hacks for Raising Kids with Excellent Oral Habits

As parents you will face many challenges throughout your child’s life. But teaching your child great oral habits doesn’t have to be a tough challenge. If you make brushing, flossing and going to the dentist fun activities it will be easy and the benefits will last them a lifetime. When it’s time for their first dentist appointment, contact Fresh Pond Dentistry in Cambridge. We can ensure that their first appointment is successful and not frightening. 


The next time you go to the library let your child pick out some books that are age appropriate about dental care. Read the books with your child and answer any questions or concerns they might have. Let them point to the pictures and you can explain what is happening. Reassure them that the dentist is helping them keep their mouth healthy and their smile bright. There are also online videos you can watch with your child that will prepare them for their dental experiences. Fresh Pond Dental will provide a valuable experience and will make sure your child understands what is happening. 


Let your child pick out their own toothbrush, toothpaste, oral rinse and dental floss. Getting to choose their own supplies makes their dental routine more exciting. They are many options geared towards children. Just make sure your dentist in Cambridge agrees with what you are purchasing. Ask about brush types and what type of toothpaste your child should be using.  


It’s important to set up a regular dental routine with your child. Ensure that they are brushing/flossing in the morning and before they go to bed. Make the routine fun. Play a song that lasts two minutes so they know when it’s okay to stop brushing. Brush your teeth at the same time and show them your brushing techniques. Making it a family activity makes it more fun and shows the child that everyone is doing it. At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge, our goal is beautiful, happy smiles and a lifetime of optimal oral health for your family. 

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