Should I Choose a Family Dentist or a Pediatric Dentist for My Child?

Should I Choose a Family Dentist or a Pediatric Dentist for My Child?

Proper oral care starts at an early age. As soon as the first tooth breaks the gum, oral care should be started to reduce and prevent tooth decay and cavities in infants and children. Scheduling your child's dental exam at the proper time also helps to address potential problems that could affect your little ones growing teeth. Regular dental exams starting early in life help eliminate and reduce tooth and gum diseases. 

When Should My Children Get Their First Dental Exam?
According to American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should have their first visit to a dentist by their first birthday. This visit helps you and your child become comfortable with the dentist. You will also get information about your child's teeth at this visit. This information includes instructions on how to properly care for your toddler’s mouth and teeth, proper oral habits to begin teaching your toddler, the importance of fluoride, and important information concerning the link between your toddler's diet and their oral health. The dentist will look over your child's teeth and gums to determine, and treat, any possible problems early. 

What Will Happen At This First Visit?
Your first visit will revolve mainly around you and your child becoming acquainted with the dentist, the staff, and the equipment used. A gentle and thorough exam of your child's gums and first teeth if present will be done. Later, when children get close to age of 2-3 years old, dentist will start examining their teeth, gums, jaws, and the way they bite in order to determine any possible problems areas in your child's mouth. X-rays will be taken and a gentle cleaning will be performed. The dentist will also demonstrate proper at home cleaning procedures to you and your child. 

Can I take My Child to a Family Dentist Instead of a Pediatric Dentist?
A family dentist that is willing to see small children and has a friendly, patient, and warm personality can properly care for your toddlers teeth just as well as a pediatric dentist. At Fresh Pond Dental clinic in Cambridge we welcome patients of all ages including pediatrics, and we are committed to providing the very best dental care for children. Our staff will welcome your child and make them feel comfortable throughout the procedure. We take the time to explain treatment procedures to pediatric patients in order to help ease their fears. Televisions with cartoons, a toy after their visit, and a caring staff who loves children are just a few of the things Fresh Pond Dental offers to its pediatric patients. 

By choosing a family dentist for your whole family's oral needs, you eliminate the hassle of driving to multiple offices to get treatment for everyone in your household. Time is a valuable asset, and Fresh Pond Dental allows you to make the most of your time with your family by offering dental services for all ages. Trust us to care for your whole family's oral needs from the very start, including your baby's very first tooth. 


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