Cavity Trends in Children

Cavity Trends in Children

Cavities are a problem for many children today. With the increasing consumption of sugar-filled candy and soft drinks, the acids quickly begin decomposing and breaking down the tooth enamel in children’s teeth. At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge, we are seeing evidence of this growing trend daily. 

There are three factors to consider as major causes of childhood cavities:

  1. Sugar Consumption – Candy bars, soda, and many drinks and foods in the modern diet will have an adverse effect on your child’s oral health. With snacks becoming more commonplace, the sugars and acids will remain on the teeth, decomposing and eating through the enamel into the roots. In cases of smaller children, when bottles and sippy cups are left in their mouths for long periods of time,  it causes the sugars to cover their teeth. This will cause the child’s teeth to decay even quicker.
  2. Bottled Water vs. Tap Water – Water is the preferred drink for your children’s refreshment over sports drinks, juices, or soft drinks. However, there is a difference between bottled and tap water. In many localities, fluoride is added to the drinking water to help build and protect tooth enamel. Most bottled waters are not treated with fluoride, leaving your children less protected and more susceptible to plaque, gum disease, and tooth decay. In our Cambridge dental clinic, we recommend tap water to help promote good oral health in children and adults. 
  3. Unhealthy Oral Hygeine Habits – Oral health is a large concern, especially in early childhood. Children don’t usually brush properly, floss, or use mouthwash as often as they should. Not doing so at least twice a day will leave remnants of food to spoil and decompose inside the child’s mouth. In addition to causing tooth decay and increased chances of cavities, this can contribute to a condition called halitosis, or bad breath.

How do you reduce the growing cavity trend for your children?

Promoting good oral health.
Lead by example, and have your children brush twice daily.
Watch what they are eating.
When necessary propose healthy replacements such as fruit, water, and natural foods over soft drinks and foods high in sugars and acids. Lastly, remember to come in for dental checkups and dental cleanings once every 6 months. 

Although we’re not a pediatric dental office, we are kid-friendly. To schedule an appointment call our Cambridge dental clinic to make an appointment.

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