Medicare and Your Dental Health

Medicare and Your Dental Health

It is important to know exactly what your Medicare plan covers, especially when tooth and gum concerns creep up. The basic idea of Medicare is to ensure your overall general health is maintained, not your dental health. When it comes to dental services and oral hygiene, there are many limitations to what Medicare will cover.

Non-Covered Dental Expenses

The oral health of seniors is primarily considered a concern for the individual under Medicare. Standard dental care and oral hygiene is not traditionally covered. This includes cleanings, checkups, fillings, dentures, implants, or other oral corrective procedures. 

Covered Dental Expenses

Unless an infection or oral concern has become life threatening or your general health is at risk, most dental procedures will not be covered under Medicare. Instances of oral cancer and infections that can spread throughout the body are some of the few that are. Even in such situations, the extraction of teeth may be covered, however, the subsequent cost of dentures, root canals, implants, or other treatments most often will not. Medicare may even cover hospitalization due to some extreme dental concerns because this threatens your overall health, but beyond treatment of the primary cause, Medicare coverage normally ends.

Finding Oral Healthcare Coverage

If you are interested in preventive care, routine checkups, cleanings, and procedures necessary in order to maintain your oral health, you should look into supplemental insurance, Medicaid, or a Medicare private health plan for additional coverage. Aflak and many other insurance companies offer this additional coverage. This can reduce the cost of root canals, bridges, implants, dentures, and many restorative and cosmetic dental procedures by between 50 and 80 percent depending on the plan.

Understanding the details of dental insurance and Medicare can sometimes be daunting. To investigate your insurance concerns further, speak with a friendly staff member or family dentist in Fresh Pond Dental’s Cambridge office. They would be happy to speak with your insurance company or Medicare on your behalf and then explain what procedures would be covered. They can even offer recommendations for additional insurance coverage many local patients take advantage of.

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