Low-Cost Dental Procedures

Low-Cost Dental Procedures

At Fresh Pond Dental, we strive to make each visit as comfortable as possible. Our dentists in Cambridge staff is professional, friendly, and we consistently offer our patients great prices. Here are a few examples that will solve your dental needs without draining your pocketbook.

• Have cavities you need filled? How much do fillings cost? A white composite filling starts at $155.
• What will a dental crown cost? We use the best quality materials for long-lasting results. One of our PFMs (porcelain fused to a metal crown) starts at $1,050.
• Tired of enduring painful dental problems? How much does a relieving extraction cost? Have a tooth extracted inexpensively. Our tooth extractions start at $140.
• Interested in getting to the root of the problem? How much will a root canal treatment cost? Each root canal starts as low as $750.
• Teeth grinding getting on your nerves?  Our night guards begin at $400.
• Thinking about getting dentures? How much for a personally fitted denture? In our Cambridge dental office, purchase a fitted denture for as low as $1,200.
• Deal with clients and co-workers daily? Want to make a good first impression? How much will it cost to brighten your smile with Phillips Zoom Tooth Whitening? Phillips Zoom Tooth Whitening is only available through your dentist and can make your smile three times whiter than over-the-counter products. Give your teeth the Zoom treatment for as little as $249.

As you can see, at Fresh Pond Dental our customers come first. We love seeing our patients walk out the door with pleasing, bright smiles. We do our best to accommodate their schedules and accept most major insurance programs.

Have further questions, or want to speak with one of our specialists?

Our professionals are trained in a variety of specialties, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic, prosthodontics, periodontic, and endodontic dentistry. Whatever your problem, our dentists can help.

So contact our Cambridge dental office today.

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