Know Your Dental Insurance

Know Your Dental Insurance

So, take a look below and see what your insurance plan includes. For specifics, see your dental insurance provider - that way you will be prepared for your next Cambridge dental office visit.

Accepted Dental Insurance Providers

Aetna – Aetna offers insurance coverage in many areas to companies and individuals. They offer many types of dental plans including indemnity, DMO, PPO, and POS. Their dental coverage includes pre-treatment, orthodontic care, and oral surgery to various extents depending on your plan. Some plans also extend to dependents.
Altus – Altus is often available through employers to employees and their families, AAA members, and unions such as the Plumbers Union. For individuals looking to purchase their own dental insurance, Altus offers Altus Dental for 1. The details of coverage vary from plan to plan and state to state, but include POS and different types of PPOs. Like most insurance companies, their services cover dental cleaning, preventive treatments, orthodontics, and many corrective oral surgeries to different degrees.
Blue Cross Blue Shield – One of the largest insurance companies in the nation, Anthem’s Blue Cross Blue Shield is accepted widely by employers and offers individual plans by state for everyone. Their coverage includes a variety of indemnity, PPO, DMO, and POS plans. As one of the leading dental insurance companies, they cover preventive care, orthodontics, and oral surgeries and treatments to various extents outlined in your specific plan.
Cigna – As another widely used and accepted insurance company, Cigna’s coverage includes preventive care such as cleanings and X-rays, dental fillings, basic restorative dentistry work, and even many major dental needs such as dental bridges, dental crowns, and root canals. The degree to which the procedures are covered depends on your specific plan, but Cigna offers individual, family, and employer plans. Types of insurance include indemnity, POS, PPO, and DMO plans.
Delta Dental – Accepted nationwide by most dentists, depending on your individual services you might have either an individual plan or receive services through your employer. Delta Dental also has plans available through many unions, schools, and teacher associations. The provider offers indemnity, PPOs, DMOs, POSs, and prepaid plans that cover all or part of preventive care such as cleanings, general dental corrective procedures like dental fillings and basic restorative work, and also more intensive oral corrective procedures including dental implants, root canals, and bridges.
MetLife – This provider’s insurance is offered to individuals and through employer benefits that covers preventative care, general oral health concerns such as X-rays, fillings, and simple restorative procedures. Different plans also cover a large percentage of more expensive corrective surgeries from crowns to braces to bridges. They offer different types of insurance plans including indemnity, PPOs, DMOs, and many others. Coverage details differ from state to state and plan to plan.

Massachusetts Dental Insurance Providers

Mass Health – For Massachusetts residents and seniors, the added benefits from Mass Health can be a blessing. Coverage often includes checkups, dental cleanings, tooth extractions, emergency dental care, and most generally accepted oral surgery and corrective procedures. They also offer additional dental benefits to Department of Developmental Services clients. This insurance is available in conjunction with other large insurance provider plans.

Specialty Dental Insurance Providers

Medicare, Medicaid, and other specialty insurance plans are accepted at our Cambridge dental office, enabling us to offer a variety of services to low-income families and seniors.  Like all insurance providers, the plans vary from individual to employer and state to state. See your provider for individual plan details.
Medicaid – While limited in its coverage depending on the state, Medicaid still helps adults and children who are having difficulty in today’s down economy to maintain good oral health. The coverage for each state can vary from indemnity to a PPO, DMO, or a wide range of POS hybrid plans. These plans cover some preventive oral care and surgical procedures to different extents.
Medicare & Medicare Advantage – Currently Medicare is growing more limited in its benefits in some states. However, it is still very helpful for adults and seniors. While they offer PPO, DMO, and POS plans, you can also find detailed plans for those with special needs, called SNP. As with other coverage plans, the included services fully or partially paid for range from preventive in nature to different oral corrective and surgical procedures.
United Health Care – Available to individuals, families, and through employer benefits, United Health Care offers a variety of plan options including indemnity, PPOs, DMOs, and POS hybrid dental plans. In addition, they have Senior Care Options available. This provider is used by many government departments, labor and trusts, and schools throughout the US. Their plans cover all or part of preventive care, basic corrective procedures such as fillings, and can help pay for larger procedures for you and your family from braces to crowns to dentures.

As you can see, at Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge we cater to your needs. And the dental insurance providers mentioned above are not all we accept, just those most often used by our patients. For a full list, please contact our Dentist in Cambridge, MA. Our friendly Dental staff would be happy to help and can schedule an appointment that will fit your schedule.

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