Dental Insurance Made Easy

Dental Insurance Made Easy

As a Cambridge dental clinic that caters to our patients, our Dental office wants to help you understand the different types of insurance, what they do for you, and the many providers we accept. 

Accepted Dental Plans

We take most major insurance plans including Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, MetLife, Altus, and many more. Our Cambridge dental office also accepts Mass Health and United Health Care SCO.

Benefits of Dental Insurance

For individuals, the cost of preventive treatments and cleanings can be affordable at most dentist offices since they are normally only recommended twice a year. However, if you encounter emergencies such as chipped or broken teeth, cavities, or worse, the costs can quickly grow. 
Dental insurance can make these preventive dental cleanings and treatments free and help subsidize the cost of more elaborate oral care procedures such a root canals, dental bridges, dental implants, dental crowns, and even dentures. This is often calculated based on percentages for different procedures. How much and which dentist in Cambridge are covered should be detailed in your dental insurance information packet. Speak to your provider for plan details.

Insurance policies typically have an annual deductible and maximum. There are a variety of different dental insurance plans available for different procedures. If you have questions or concerns regarding coverage for a procedure you need performed, our treatment coordinators would be happy to address them. 

Understanding Dental Insurance

To better understand what your dental insurance covers, consider that there are generally three types of insurance: Indemnity Dental Insurance, Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), and Participating Provider Organization (PPO). However, sometimes a fourth option is available depending on your insurance provider. This option is called Point of Service (POS).

Types of Dental Insurance

  • Indemnity Dental Insurance – One of the most open plans you can have. Indemnity dental insurance allows you to choose whichever dentist you prefer. Sometimes there are deductibles and annual maximums depending on your specific plan and provider. 
  • Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) – Sometimes called a DHMO or just HMO, this type of plan is network only. The provider should give you a list of dentists covered by the DMO in their network. Services often include a limited number of cleanings and preventive healthcare along with covering a percentage of the costs for larger dental procedures. Take a look at the information packet given by your dental insurance provider for specifics.
  • Participating Provider Organization (PPO) – PPO plans include a list of preferred dentists to choose from. It normally does not require referrals to use in-network specialist in addition to your preferred network primary care dentist, a benefit over DMOs. Additional benefits of PPOs are that rather than paying a percentage of each procedure, you will generally pay your annual deductible then a copayment for each visit. Going out of network to another dentist or oral specialist will result in higher costs and require upfront payment, which most insurance companies will reimburse to some degree. For specifics, see your dental insurance provider.
  • Point of Service (POS) – While less common, some providers offer another dental insurance option that is a combination of DMO and PPO plans. Coverage with this option varies widely, so see your provider for details.

Understanding your insurance options is important. For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and professional dentists, contact us or stop by our Cambridge dental office.

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