Dental Insurance: If You Don

Dental Insurance: If You Don

With December 31st quickly approaching, many patients start rushing to make appointments with their dentists. At Fresh Pond Dental, we know how important it is for a patient to maximize his or her dental insurance benefits in order to maintain your and you family's healthy and happy smiles.

What is so important about December 31?

For most insurance companies, December 31st marks the end of their dental coverage each year, to be more specific – the end of the annual maximum (maximum amount of money your insurance provides per year). Considering that insurance companies place limits on how much dental work they will cover each year, now's the time to make an appointment with our office. Otherwise the benefits you have left with your insurance for this year will be gone after December 31!

What happens with your dental insurance on January 1st?

For most insurance companies:

  • a new deductible on dental work comes in effect.
  • coverage limits reset, meaning any unused coverage from your annual limit is gone. For most insurance plans, annual maximums do not roll over into the next year.

At Fresh Pond Dental we always help our patients maximize the potential benefits from their dental insurance to make sure their dental treatment is well planned and timed. If you are unsure about your limits and how much coverage you or your family have available, please call our treatment coordinators at Fresh Pond Dental and they will contact your insurance company to find out all the details. 

Most insurance plans have from 50 to 80 percent coverage for such basic and major procedures as fillings, crowns, bridges, partials and dentures.

At Fresh Pond Dental we have all kind of specialists on site.

We know how hard it is to schedule an appointment when you are busy with work and family obligations. At Fresh Pond Dental, for patients’ convenience we have late evening hours (as late as 7:30pm), and we are open on Saturdays.

Our Cambridge dental practice is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of dental health-care in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Call us today at 888-717-1692!

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