Zoom Your Way to Whiter Teeth

Zoom Your Way to Whiter Teeth

Your Cambridge dentist knows that having beautiful teeth can greatly improve a person’s self-esteem. That’s why we have so many different products available in our cosmetic dentistry department. Zoom is one of our products that is increasing in popularity. 

Pearly Whites
Zoom teeth whitening is an affordable procedure that enhances teeth by lightening them to a gorgeous shade of white. Most people achieve results that are eight shades lighter. Before the treatment can be applied, the teeth must first be cleaned. Next a chemical gel is placed on the surface of the teeth. This gel stains the teeth to a lighter, brighter shade of white with the help of an ultraviolet light. The entire procedure takes about an hour and it’s completely non-invasive. 

Professional Application
There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available in stores today but your dental office in Cambridge, MA, recommends having this type of procedure done by a professional to reduce risks such as incorrect applications or negative reactions.  

Is Zoom right for you?
Zoom isn’t for everyone. Patients who have dental implants, bridges, caps or other dental conditions may not be a candidate for this product. Children who do not have their adult teeth are also not candidates. Make an appointment to see your dentist in Cambridge if you would like to know if this cosmetic procedure would be beneficial to your smile. 

Why do teeth become darker? 
Different types of food and drink can dull teeth over time. Coffee, tea, cola, wine, some foods, smoking and age can cause teeth to lose the whiteness they once had. Thankfully we have products like Zoom that result in a bright, shiny smile. 

Contact Us! 

For more information on our Zoom teeth whitening or other procedures available, contact your dental center in Cambridge, MA. We would love to hear from you!

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