White Fillings

White Fillings

It used to be that you could always tell when someone has had cavities filled, because you could see that bright shiny metal tooth fillings every time the person opened his mouth. At our modern dental clinic in Cambridge we are happy to offer our patients a more discreet solution for the repair of tooth cavities.

White fillings are a fantastic contemporary dental repair material that performs the function of filling a cavity with a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than traditional silver amalgam tooth fillings. This amazing advance in the fields of General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry has come about from a commitment by dental professionals to fill the needs of their patients. At our state of the art contemporary dental office in Cambridge we have made it our mission to ensure that our patients are happy with the results of their dental care. This is why white fillings were invented: because dentists want happy patients and the patients wanted dental fillings that weren't so obvious.

There are two different types of white fillings.

Composite resin fillings are composed of ceramic and plastic compounds that can be colored to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. Dental porcelain inlays and porcelain onlays provide another type of white filling. The cosmetic benefits of white fillings to restore cavities have made this

White Fillings
solution a very popular choice among all our patients. Traditional silver amalgam dental fillings are still more prudent in certain situation such as for large cavities in back teeth. Some insurance place certain restrictions on the type of filling covered, depending upon where the cavity is located. Your professional dentist in Cambridge is dedicated to providing the proper solution for each unique dental condition, and will devise a treatment that is suitable for you.

At Fresh Pond Dental Clinic of Cambridge, we welcome you and your family to enjoy outstanding oral health care in our contemporary dental practice. Come have your regular dental check-up, and if you do have any cavities, we will take excellent care of them for you. White fillings can give you a more discreet dental restoration that will also restore your smile!

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