Tooth Whitening for Beginners

Tooth Whitening for Beginners

Fresh Pond Dental In Cambridge Shares Some Thoughts

Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge is a family dentist that provides full dentistry service in Cambridge through our clinic in Cambridge. This includes routine cleanings and emergency dental work, but we also handle other cosmetic services such as professional tooth whitening. You can buy the kits for tooth whitening at home from a number of different stores, but there are some downsides to that approach we would like to discuss. As a dentist in Cambridge we often help patients in our office in Cambridge with a professional tooth whitening service after a home whitening process did not work out. We would like to help you avoid that inconvenience.

Why Professional Tooth Whitening Is Superior

Tooth whitening involves chemicals and applicators. The quality of the whitening comes down to timing and proper application. Both of these factors are easier for professionals and we do hundreds of these tooth whitening procedures successfully here at Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge. Uneven application or mistakes with timing are far more common with home application. This can result in spotty results and uneven color. That is the exact opposite of what you want from tooth whitening.

Better Results

Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge can give you the results you seek from the process the first time.

Contact Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge to find out about this and other services.

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