Implant and Its Cosmetic Advantages

Implant and Its Cosmetic Advantages

A dental implant is a replacement for the root of a tooth. Like tooth roots, dental implants are secured in the jawbone and are not visible once surgically placed. They are used to secure crowns (the parts of teeth seen in the mouth), bridgework or dentures by a variety of means. They are made of titanium, which is lightweight, strong and biocompatible, which means that it is not rejected by the body. Dental implants have the highest success rate of any implanted surgical device.

Benefits of obtaining dental implants to restore missing teeth are many and varied: from getting a confident smile to being able to chew food properly. At Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge, we have helped hundreds of people to regain their ability to properly bite and chew healthy foods, thus greatly improving their health. Implants also prevent bone loss by supporting the jawbone structure with the implants anchor.

Another obvious and fantastic benefit of obtaining dental implants is cosmetic enhancement. Our patients report an extraordinary lift in their general happiness and wellbeing due to the cosmetic benefits of their implant/implants. As for the patients who needed dentures, many of them have told us that although their implants cost a little more than standard dentures, they are extremely pleased with how natural looking their restored teeth are and how much better they feel about their own physical appearance.

Our professional implant dentist at Fresh Pond Dental will be happy to meet with you in our state-of-the-art facility at 180 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge and discuss the possibilities of restoring your oral health with dental implants. Our friendly and helpful treatment coordinators will be happy to provide you with pricing and variable payment plans as well.

Not only will you be able to enjoy eating healthy foods that may have been restricted by missing teeth or dentures, but you will also be much more inclined to give the world a happy smile!

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