How good can be Zoom teeth whitening?

How good can be Zoom teeth whitening?

Age and lifestyle habits can cause your teeth to lose their brightness, but stained teeth can develop at any age. Some teens suffer from yellow or browned teeth, making them more self-conscious at a crucial age. Having your teeth permanently whitened is a possibility at any stage of your life with Zoom teeth whitening. This is a dental product that can be used to get rid of stains caused by:

  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Aging
  • Soda
  • Medications
  • Red wine
  • Tea

Whatever the cause of your stained teeth, you have a solution with the Zoom teeth whitening that’s available at our Cambridge dental office.

Cambridge Zoom Teeth Whitening Exam
Before you have Zoom teeth whitening performed, it’s imperative that you first have a consultation, which will involve oral exam. This is necessary to assess the brightness of your teeth and to find and take care of other problems you may have, such as cavities and other oral health concerns.  

What to Expect During a Zoom Teeth Procedure
The Zoom procedure takes - about an hour and a half to complete. It consists of three segments, each lasting about fifteen minutes. Hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth. Then it is activated by a Zoom Lamp, which causes the peroxide to break down and this allows oxygen to mix in, helping to remove the stains deep within the tooth enamel and dentin. In some cases, it has made teeth eight shades brighter. After the procedure is completed, a fluoride gel that reduces teeth sensitivity is applied.

Zoom Teeth Whitening After-Care in Cambridge
Once your Zoom teeth whitening procedure is done, you will receive  detailed post Zoom care instructions. 

To have a Zoom teeth whitening procedure performed, give our Cambridge dental office a call today!

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