Fresh Pond Dental Offers Invisalign

Fresh Pond Dental Offers Invisalign

Advancements in the dental industry now make it easier and more comfortable than ever to straighten teeth. No more metal braces with sore mouths, broken wires, cut lips or food restrictions. Invisalign is the most advanced teeth straightening system the world has to offer. Fresh Pond Dental is proud to offer this technology to our adult and teen patients.

Will Invisalign Work for You?

If your dentist has recommended an orthodontic system, Invisalign might be a good option. One benefit of these clear, removable aligners is that you can brush and floss normally. This helps keep your teeth in optimal condition while they are being straightened. The first step to straight teeth is having a consultation with your dentist. After that your dentist will evaluate your dental situation and will discuss a treatment plan. If Invisalign is recommended, the dentist will make 3D digital images of your teeth. Today’s technology even allows them to show you what your smile will look like after the treatment is finished!

What Are They Made From?

You will wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours per days so it’s essential that the material is comfortable. Invisalign aligners are made from a material called SmartTrack. It’s a highly elastic material that delivers a gentle yet consistent force to control tooth movement. The aligners are also clear, so the fact that you are wearing an aligner will be virtually unnoticeable. Your dentist will change out your aligners every six weeks or so to keep your teeth moving in the correct direction. 

What is the Cost for Invisalign?

The cost for Invisalign depends on your current dental situation and how much straightening you need. Some insurance companies cover Invisalign. You can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000. But with insurance, flexible spending accounts and payment plans, it’s now a fast, affordable option that takes half as long as traditional metal braces. 

Today is the day to contact a cosmetic dentist at Fresh Pond Dental and get started on the path to straight teeth! 

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