Don`t Let Tooth Discoloration Ruin Your Smile

Don`t Let Tooth Discoloration Ruin Your Smile

What We Can Do to Help You Have the Brightest Smile...

Fresh Pond Dental is in the business of smiles. We take your smile seriously. To us, as a dental office in Cambridge which serves clients of all ages, we take this to mean that we look after the health of your teeth and we want satisfied customers served by our family dental in Cambridge. We do this through a wide range of services including teeth whitening in Cambridge and dental implants in Cambridge. We at Fresh Pond Dental also like to use our clinic in Cambridge as a source of information for patients for all their dental care options. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to tooth discoloration.

Regular Dental Care

This includes brushing and flossing at home. The first line of defense against discoloration is battling decay which begins at home, but does not end there. Regular check-ups and cleanings in the office are vital to maintaining healthy teeth as a part of staving off discoloration issues as they relate to health.

Not All Whitening Options Are the Same

At home whitening kits can have uneven results. Factors such as timing, incomplete application, and variations of chemicals used can result in incomplete whitening. This can draw attention to discoloration rather than solving it. At Fresh Pond Dental, you get the expertise to handle whitening correctly. The process becomes a solution then instead of another problem.

Do Not Put Off Care

This goes for all dental health care. It is better to deal with issues sooner than later. Let Fresh Pond Dental be a part of the solution for discoloration and all your dental needs.

Contact us at Fresh Pond Dental to see what we have to offer you with your dental care.


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