Close The Gap On Knowledge About Dental Bridges

Close The Gap On Knowledge About Dental Bridges

If your dentist in Cambridge suggests a dental bridge, there is no reason to panic. A bridge is basically a fixed prosthesis that is used to replace missing teeth or a tooth by connecting artificial teeth to existing teeth or implants. There are many types of bridges and after a consultation at Fresh Pond Dental, your dental office in Cambridge, we will be able to advise if you are a candidate for a bridge and the type of bridge that will work best for your dental situation. 

How Are Bridges Beneficial?

Bridges are important because they fill the gap created by missing teeth. They can make your smile beautiful again, they can help you to maintain the shape of your face and ensure that your bite is in line. They can prevent your existing teeth from moving out of position and they can give you the ability to speak and chew properly. 

The Process For Getting A Dental Bridge

Typically, dental bridges require two visits to the dental office. During the first visit, existing teeth are prepped by removing a portion the enamel. This process prepares the teeth for crowns. Impressions are then made of the teeth so a model can be created at a dental lab. You will wear a temporary bridge to protect any teeth that are exposed while your bridge is being created. 

At your second appointed the temporary bridge will be removed and the new bridge will be tried on and adjusted to ensure a proper fit. You may be required to see the dentist again so he can check to make sure it stayed in place. He will also check to made sure your bite is accurate. 

Are You A Candidate For A Dental Bridge?

Make an appointment with Fresh Pond dental today to see if you are candidate for a dental bridge. If you are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in Cambridge or general dentistry, we have the services your family needs to ensure your dental health for years to come. 


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